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Activity mainly been having a hard time trying to think out what kind of stuff i should use for my characters so i decided to make a form to find out what most people think anyone with powers should be like and what they should be able to do
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Rimalexi (finished) by Brixujel
Rimalexi (finished)
=w= my gosh I'm so proud of myself, the first time i used Paint Tool Sai it turned out perfect hopefully many more like this will appear in my gallery © 
Name: Rimalexi
Height: 5'7
Element: Shadows
Rank: 16/54
Rimalexi by Brixujel
i feel like this is one of the drawings that came out better than i hoped. i also feel like if this were turned into a realistic drawing the size of her eyes would make the hairs on my arm stand up more than sonic's. her element is shadows and her weapon is claws made from pure shadows. she has a very calm voice but thats only due to her not feeling the need to say much depending on where most of her focus is at

© Brixujel L. Rimulex
Chapter 2: Ribjulex

A in a lush and green forest, a green and blue robin bird sat on a branch as the rustling of leafs could be heard. The bird looked back and jumped up before a tall figure zoomed past it with its arm stretched out.
"Shoot!" Said the young man as he pointed his boots at the tree then flipped off the side of it to the ground as he looked up at the bird that was chirping at Ribjulex that was taken as a laugh. The bird then flew down to Ribjulex's shoulder and was rewarded with a grape that Ribjulex gave to it.
"I'll catch you some day you quick little bird" said Ribjulex as he left the ground and flew back to the castle with the little bird beside him
"Its hard to believe you're faster than me" said Ribjulex as he landed on the landing pad. he then walked to the cafe and got him a drink as his brother ran past him without even noticing him.
"Dang brixujel must have gotten another mission, oh well. i’ll see him later on.”
Ribjulex continued to walk and sat at the table that brixujel had just sprinted from with lebrijux and alex.
“we was just talking about you Ribjulex” said alex as she petted meka who had fallen asleep. “what were y’all saying about me?”
“not much, it was just about how brixujel was trying to top your speed again in the training room” said lebrijux calmly as he was reading over some of the spells in his weapon book.
Ribjulex grinned at the thought of his brother topping his speed.
“ even if he is the superior, i don’t think he could match me in terms of speed.”
“He is the best in hand to hand combat out of everyone in the castle though, so even if he can’t out run ya he got the fighting skills to cover it up. yall would never seriously fight each other though.” said alex as she giggled a little from thinking about how silly it would be to see brixujel and Ribjulex fighting.
“oh how true that is” said lebrijux as a pair of holographic screens flew in and stopped in front of lebrijux and alex with their missions. the pair read over the mission logs before exiting out of their holograms. “well looks like me and Alex have been paired up for our current assignment” as lebrijux as alex tapped meka’s head to wake her pet up.
“uhh… are we going on mission?” said meka as he used his tail to rub his eyes.
“indeed we are meka” said lebrijux as the pair ran for the train teleporter station. Ribjulex stood up moments after they left and opened a portal to the greenhouse in the 26th floor, he knew his mission wouldn't be assigned for a while so he decided to kill some time. When he stepped through, the fresh smell of all the plants was almost breath taking. He looked around the beautiful garden before spotting someone. Ribjulex calmly walked over to whom he had spotted while being careful not to step on any of the plants. Ribjulex soon noticed that he had misjudged how many people he saw. It wasn't just one but two of his female teammates Mongrxa(16) and Xana(17). Both girls were only a year apart but had much of a sister bond. Mongrxa had pale skin and hot pink lips. Her eyes was dark purple that stood out when looking at her face and her hair was jet black with red dyed on the ends of each hair. Xana who was only older by a year and taller by one inch had her brown hair perfectly braided and laid over her left shoulder. Her green eyes shined like an emerald and her brown skin was as soft as a pillow. Her knowledge on nature could easily outmatch any botanist and she was as kind as she was smart.
Xana heard some footsteps and turned as Ribjulex was within ten feet of her and Mongrxa and greeted him with a warm smile. “sup girls”
“morning Ribjulex” said the girls in unison as Mongrxa went in for a hug from Ribjulex which he gladly accepted. “what got you up so early?” asked Mongrxa as she looked up at Ribjulex who was much taller than her. “nothing special, just woke up earlier than normal this time” answered Ribjulex. “hmm, then what brought you here?” said Xana putting her hands on her hips with a playful smile on her face.
“Meh i wanted to kill some time before my next mission, and what better way than to spend it on one of the most peaceful floor” said Ribjulex as Mongrxa used her powers over sound to mute Xana’s sense of hearing as she said to Ribjulex “you know you like her and just wanted to see her” she unmuted Xana’s hearing as Ribjulex gave Mongrxa a look. Xana noticed this and became a bit worried. “Ribjulex what's wrong?” Ribjulex quickly started thinking of what to say and looked at Mongrxa for an answer to which she only cutely shrugged with a small smile. Right as Ribjulex saw Xana open her mouth to ask again a holographic screen flew in then split into three and stopped in front of the trio with the mission that they was assigned.
“sweet a tasks mission!” called out Mongrxa as Ribjulex and Xana read over the rest of the mission. “interesting, its in the jungles of the savannas.” said Xana as the three of them started to leave out for their mission.
Ribjulex ran straight for the roof and as soon as he got off he jumped down and rode the winds up into the portal. Mongrxa ran down out an open window and summoned her weapon which was a microphone blade that she pointed outwards. Vibrations could be felt in the air around her as the soundwaves carried her up into the air right behind Ribjulex. Xana who had went to the launch room was thrown right into the portal almost as soon as Mongrxa had flown in. As the portal pulled them to earth the three of them lined up for less wind resistance. They stayed close as they now was in a free fall high in the sky Xana took the time to track the location of where the mission was requested and pointed to a small camping ground that had a few tents had been set up. Ribjulex and Mongrxa nodded showing they saw what she pointed to and prepared to land. Mongrxa slashed her microphone-blade and used sound waves to slow her descent to the ground as Ribjulex willed the wind to slowly lower him a safe falling distance to the ground. Xana summoned her pair of grassy green shields and begun spinning in the air like a Prof..ill with the blades of her shield pointed towards the ground as she made impact. She tunneled under ground a safe distance from the tents before jumping out of a fresh hole 15ft away from her team mates before landing and dismissing her weapons.
Xana pointed to the biggest tent as the trio started walking to it and entering inside.
"The place is empty..." Said Mongrxa as Xana looked back down at her device trying to make sure it wasn't acting up.
"We are definitely in the right place, because this is where the signal points to"said Xana as someone entered the tent. The three turned around and saw a tan brunet that looked about 38 years old standing at 5'7 .she had on glasses and a safari hat that covered her hair which was in a ponytail.
"Woah, who are the three of you and what are you doing in my tent, i am not in the mood for any more surprises!" Said the brunet as Ribjulex took a step forward "me and my teammates Mongrxa and Xana are on an assignment and this was the place we tracked down as the place where the assignment was made. Did you request the mission?"
The brunet's expression softened as she was informed of why the trio was here.  "Oh, pardon my bad mood. I just  got back from studying the migration of the elephants but i noticed that there was less than there were before. By the way my name is P.Avonna"
"Its nice to meet you P.Avonna, so was the decrease in elephants the reason you called for this mission?" Asked Xana who had a real soft spot for animals.
"Yes, i believe they are being killed for their tusks that collectors would pay top dollar for" responded Prof.Avonna as the pain and anger felt for the elephants was mutual between her and Xana.
“just tell us what you want us to do and we will protect those elephants!” said Xana as she summoned both her weapons to make more of a point.
the woman tapped her chin giving some thought to what needed to be done first as she thought of something.
“i know what you can do, first we need proof that they are being killed, find the elephants and then find out what's killing them off.”
“where can we find them?” asked ribjulex as he was more than ready to sprint so he could start his mission.
P.Avonna Walked out of the tent with the three assassins behind her as she pointed to a path“follow the trail leading out of the camping grounds, then follow the sound of running water. its a pretty long walk, so it may take a while.” said P.Avonna With some concern in her voice. “no need to worry about long trips, we never have any trouble getting anywhere because of our training or just the fact that we can open gateways” said mongrxa as she ran along the path with ribjulex right behind her. “thank you so much for your help” said P.Avonna Before xana nodded and followed her team mates by jumping into a portal.
“so when we find what's killing the elephants what should we do?” asked mongrxa as xana caught up to her team-mates. “as much as i want to destroy the thing thats responsible for killing off these amazing mammals, we have to report back to her first before we can do anything. if we don’t we could screw up and there could be the small chance that she don’t want us to harm it” ribjulex looked pissed off when xana said that “sometimes i really hate the rules...” said ribjulex as he took his anger out on a tree that they flew pass. xana gasped as she heard the tree fall, then zoomed back and hugged the fallen tree. “which one of you cut down this beautiful tree!” yelled xana as ribjulex and mongrxa pointed at each other out of fear of getting bashed by xana’s shield.
25 minutes later the trio is all hiding near the waterfall where the elephants are Prof..inking at ribjulex was in the tree with his knees bent as he kept his balance. mongrxa was in the bushes keeping low to the ground as she looked around for xana but soon started to panic as her team mate was only next to her a minute ago.
“ribjulex!” called out mongrxa as she whispered as loud as she could to ribjulex. “wheres xana!”
ribjulex looked around to see if he could see xana in her hiding spot,when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. he looked over and facepalmed when he noticed what it was that he had seen from the corner of his eye. “what is it?” asked mongrxa as she looked up at ribjulex. he pointed out to the elephants and among the mammals was xana who was lovingly petting them on their heads and feeding them fruit that she had gotten from a unknown location. “oh my goodness your trunk is so healthy and strong” said xana as she examined one of the elephants trunks “ribjulex i don’t know what you see in that girl but she is nuts about animals...” said mongrxa as suddenly a gun fire could be heard. The elephants became startled and ran leaving xana behind. Xana looked in the direction the gun was fired from and saw a young baby elephant down on its side, she saw blood near its neck and rushed over to it. Ribjulex and mongrxa jumped out of their hiding spots and looked around for the shooter. They spotted a pair of hunters that was walking over to the mammal before mongrxa jumped in front of them almost making one of them fall back.

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" Called out the one of the men to mongrxa who was standing over top of him. "Claiming my prize you twit, what do you think you are doing!" said the hunter as he got back on to his feet and pushed mongrxa aside. Once his hand was on her shoulder mongra gripped his wrist and twisted it before bringing him down to his knees due to the pain from mongrxa holding his arm in a painful manor.
His partner was about to jump in but ribjulex jumped in and. summoned his blade and held the tip an inch apart from his face. "Don't try anything." commanded ribjulex as xana used a spell she learned from bexziletha to try and heal the bullet wound. She was more that successful.  Mongrxa released the hunter from the lock she had on his arm and as soon as she did they both ran back to where they came from as they was running one of them called out "we will be back for those animals!".
Ribjulex looked back at xana as the hunters were now out of sight and saw that the young mammal was on its feet while xana got some water from the running river and washed off the blood that was on its sides. "Well we now know what was killing them"  said xana as ribjulex and herself dismissed their weapons.  "The question is why, what could they gain from killing these animals" said ribjulex as he Prof..opped to the ground to think about what the hunters would want from dead elephants.
"I think i remember reading something on habits of this race of humans people called hunters, they kill for fun but i can't remember much from the book" said mongrxa "well what ever the reason is its wrong, lets report back to Prof.Avonna to see what she wants us to do." Said xana as they raced back to the camping grounds.
"Hunters?!" Exclaimed Prof.Avonnaas she was given the full details of what happened and what was killing the elephants. "My gosh thats horrible!"  "I agree with you so how do you want us to deal with this?" Asked ribjulex hoping he would get the answer he was waiting for. "I want the three of you to make them go away, they been doing this for years and i have had enough. Make them wish they never picked up a gun!" Commanded Prof.Avonna"yes! Finally i get to kick some ass!" Called out ribjulex as he joyfully jumped in the air with a fist pump then dove into a portal that opened below him and closed as soon as he was in.

"We will be back as soon as we stop those monsters!" Called out mongrxa as she disappeared in a portal just as fast as ribjulex as xana ran in behind her to try and tell her something. The girls reappeared in the clearing where ribjulex could be seen sitting on top of a tall tree trying to look for any possible areas that the hunters could be at. He jumped down with a look of disappointment "well i don't see them in sight" "maybe thats because we should have looked for the elephants first so that they would come to us!" Said xana with her hands on her hips and looking ticked off.
"Ohh!" Said ribjulex feeling very foolish as xana walked off while ribjulex and mongrxa followed behind her. "Wow i really made a fool of myself in front of her" said ribjulex as monngrxa patted him on the shoulder. "Don't feel foolish, xana just really cares about the elephants is all. After the mission im sure she will calm down." Ribjulex raised an eyebrow towards mongrxa "how are you so sure about that?" Questioned ribjulex. "One, xana is a very kind girl and could never hold a grudge towards you. Two she is my best friend and i know her very well."  The confidence mongrxa had on her face was contagious as ribjulex thought about what she said "alright, i'll take your word for it" said ribjulex as xana suddenly stopped.
"Xana what's wro-" before mongrxa could finish her question xana grabbed both ribjulex and mongrxa then jumped into a bush. She gave the signal to be quiet as the sound of a engine grew louder until three trucks road past the trio's hiding spot. On one of the trucks mongrxa and ribjulex spotted the two hunters from before with guns loaded and ready to fire. The trucks looked to be going in the same direction the three of them was just walking. "You don't think they are going where i think they are going do you?" Asked xana "theres only one way to find out" ribjulex stood up then grabbed onto a tree branch which he hung from before swinging back and forth for a little before jumping to another tree branch and using the momentum to get higher up until he was at the top of the tallest tree in the current area. Ribjulex looked down at the moving trucks and looked up the river to where the elephants was. Even though the elephants was very far away the hunters were closing in fast. "They are heading for the elephants!" Yelled ribjulex as he bolted for the hunters without warning at neck breaking speeds high above the trees.
The girls eyes went wide with fear as both of them jumped out from where they was hiding and followed ribjulex's lead. Xana summoned her shields then dived into the ground like it was water. With her shields pointed outwards she Prof..illed under ground with mongrxa right above her using the portals to go just as fast as xana was moving under ground. Ribjulex was the first one to get ahead of the hunters as he did a front flip and let his right foot land on the hood of the truck. The force of ribjulex's boot stopped the truck in its tracks and almost flipped the vehicle over onto its top.
"Your ride ends here!  Called out ribjulex as one of the men jumped out of the truck. "What the do you think you're doing to my truck you little punk!?” said one of the hunters as he pulled out his gun and started firing at ribjulex. ribjulex already had his guard up and had jumped away before the man could started firing at him let alone before he could even get a clear shot at him. ribjulex knew he had to stay on his toes or he would die. he summoned his blades and started swinging at the little pieces of flying metal and knocked them clear out of the air. he hunter kept firing at him hoping that he would try out soon but with ribjulex being as hyperactive as he is he didn’t tire out as fast as the hunt had hoped he would. while ribjulex was blocking the bullet from the hunter’s guns, xana had jumped out of the ground with mongrxa right behind her using soundwaves to get in the air.
Xana jumped in front of ribjulex with her shields and blocked the bullets.  As she commanded him to stop the other trucks. Ribjulex did as he was told and ran to the trucks. Mongrxa followed ribjulex's lead and slashed the tires of the other two trucks forcing them to stop. with the trucks now stuck in the place where they was forced to stop as the hunters inside of the truck got out and got their guns ready. they circled around the trio while the three of them backed up until they was all pressed up against each other.
"Got any quick ideas ribjulex?" Asked xana as she had her shields ready to take on the next round of bullets.  "Just one, mongrxa do a sound burst xana get a hole ready for you and mongrxa to jump in then mongrxa destroy their weapons." Xana made a hole in the ground and mongrxa did a sound burst that send a powerful sound wave towards all the hunters that was surrounding them. Xana grabbed mongxa then jumped into the hole she was told to make as ribjulex made a small tornado then forced the surround gust of wind to blow outwards blowing the hunters off their feet. As soon as mongrxa hear the strong wind that ribjulex made,die down she jumped out of the hole and sliced up all their guns into pieces.ribjulex used his control over wind to throw the hunters all into one place as Xana jumped out of the hole behind ribjulex. Xana held her hands out towards the hunters as the ground started shaking,The hunters started looking around as ribjulex and mongrxa planted their feet to keep their balance. Xana's eyes could be seen glowing green and her hair started floating as rocks started flying into the sky above her head forming into a giant boulder. The bolder slowly hovered over the hunters before spikes suddenly popped out of the 1000 lb rock which sent fear into the hearts of the hunters. "You are to leave this area at once and never return here to kill these animals ever again!” commanded xana as the bolder started spinning in the air above the hunters.
“please don’t kill us!” cried one of the hunters. “i beg of you please we will never come back here ever again” pleaded another as the other hunters was completely frozen with fear before xana made the bolder split into smaller pieces and circle around the hunters before the ground under them started to rise. xana made a few symbols with her hands that made the rocks incase the hunters inside a sphere made of rocks. xana then shot the rock made prison far off and miles away from the spot that it was formed. Xana’s eyes returned to normal and she held her head as ribjulex and mongrxa ran to her side to make sure she wouldn’t fall. “wow, didn’t know you could make rocks float!” said mongrxa as she gave xana a pat on the back “i didn’t really know i could…” said xana as she passed out. ribjulex put xana on his back as mongrxa followed him back to Prof..Avonna while making sure not to wake her up. getting back to Prof.avonna took longer than before since they came back on foot but they managed to get back before nightfall. "Prof.avonna the gun fire finally died down, do you think we should go search for them?" Asked one of the assasiants as mongrxa and ribjulex came walking back with xana asleep on his back. " your alright!" Called out prof.avonna to the team. "Did you take care of those hunters?" Asked the professor. Mongrxa nodded her head with a warm smile "they are all taken care of, the elephants are safe and they will be around for a very long thanks to xana." Mongrxa pointed to xana who was asleep on ribjulex's back making a cute face as she rested.
"My gosh thats wonderful, thank you for taking care of those awful hunters." Said the professor as she gave mongrxa a very warm hug while mongrxa patted her on the back. "Is there anyway i can pay you?" Asked the professor as she looked around in her pockets then pulled out a gemwhich she held out to the three. "Oh we don't accept objects but we do get something out of it" said mongrxa "watch" said ribjulex as the gem that the professor was holding,glowed bright purple before something shiney appeared to come from it. Once the gem stopped glowing a stack of gold coins appeared in mongrxa's hand and she put it away into her pocket. "Simply amazing, are you some form of a witch?" Asked the professor as ribjulex had already opened a portal back to the castle and stepped through. "Not at all, we are the devine assassins... " said mongrxa as she stepped through with the gateway closing behind her an leaving p.Avonna with more questions.
Dimentional Assassins
Ribjulex    Xana    Mongrxa  o~o a very very weird way i decided to start this chapter off, hopefully the other chapters will become more interesting as they are posted. © Brixujel L. Ribjulex


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Sup everyone I'm brixujel (not sure what else to say)
I'm a big Kingdom hearts fan and i love making oc's based off any kind of anime or video-game i like. i also really like writing stories and i also like to bring any oc i make to life as if it was a character in a video game i do sometimes take requests but due to past experience i won't always accept it if i feel that it will take too long for me to do same with art-trades
Interests mainly been having a hard time trying to think out what kind of stuff i should use for my characters so i decided to make a form to find out what most people think anyone with powers should be like and what they should be able to do
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