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Chapter One: The Superior makes a New Friend

In a castle, the sounds of a young man could be heard in the training room as Brixujel was working on his speed in the training room. He kept his hair to a medium length to prevent wind resistance. His brown skin matched perfectly with his cloak and his burning red eyes was locked on the bars that he grabbed on to. He pushed himself off from to get to a higher platform that was slowly moving around the training room. Brixujel jumped to another bar but over shot it, he summoned his scythe in a blaze of fire and used it to reach what his already long arms couldn't. He swung around and did a full 360 before letting go of his weapon as it dematerialized. The force of the swing shot Brixujel right above his target as he used his control over fire to shoot himself to the button that stopped the timer and slammed it down with a satisfied grin as the buzzer went off. He balanced himself on the button with the hand he used to stop it then pushed himself off back to the ground. He landed perfectly and landed in a portal made of fire that closed behind him which lead to the cafe in the castle

Brixujel calmly walked to the giant counter where a holographic screen appears and he typed in his food request. A meat and cheese hoagie with lettuce materialized over the blue gloating platform wrapped in paper, Brixujel walked over to one of the tables that had two of his team mates sitting there which were Alex and her pet Meka then Lebrijux one of Brixujel's 3 identical quadruplet brothers the only difference between them was their hair, eyes, personalities, powers and weapons aside from that they were alike, his power was over gravity and his weapon was a spell book. Alex who was petting her pet that she named Meka had light brown skin and grassy green eyes her long jet black hair came down to the center of her back she was a unique girl who used Meka as a weapon, he could turn into a great number of weapons but for some reason stayed orange and furry somewhere on the weapon. Alex liked to change things up and had a blue crescent moon symbol on the left side of her chest on her cloak. It was a bit ironic because she didn't have any kind of lunar magic but had control of nature.

"So how did training go?"
Said Alex with a happy smile as she gave Meka a grape
"Perfectly, I was able to top my old record by 10 seconds"
Said Brixujel as he took a large bite out of his meal
"Outstanding brother, maybe you might be able to best Ribjulex's speed"
Brixujel shook his head as he laughed at the thought
"I don't think i could top his speed, he controls wind for a reason"
"With an attitude like that you're not going to get anywhere “said Lebrijux
“You’re the superior for a reason and I’m not going to let my superior think so lowly of himself"
said Alex as she continued to pet Meka
Brixujel smiled as he looked at his team mates
"Thanks guys, think i could be you?"
Said Brixujel as he finished his sandwich as Alex and Lebrijux laughed
"You can't beat us as a team but individually you might stand a chance” said Alex
“Hey I'll take both of you on" said Brixujel
with a cocky grin as a holographic screen suddenly flew in swirled around then and stopped in front of Brixujel with his next mission being to protect a girl
"Well looks like I’ll have to put this match on hold, I’ll see you when i get back"
"Don't get too tired, we want you at your best"

Said Alex as Brixujel ran off to the roof, once there he turned on his tractor. He ignited his body as he pushed himself into the sky and into a portal made of fire. As he flew through he could feel the energy of the portal take him to earth as he appeared in the air and was in a freefall while cloaked in fire appearing to the people as a tiny meteor that would just burn up. He could feel himself begin to teleport again as he now was standing in a room that looked like it belonged to a female. The walls had artwork painted on it with a lot of detail; the bed had a white frame that resembled a couch. On the other side of the room was a white dresser that had some figures on it modeled after some blue haired girl.

Suddenly a girl walked in with eyes as big as dinner plates as she saw Brixujel in what could be guessed to be her room.
"W-who are y-you?" said the girl
as she looked into Brixujel's red eyes she had near pale skin and dark brown hair with a red streak going down the right side of her hair that went down to the center of her back. She wasn't very tall and had a slightly round face which added a bit of cuteness to her short frame, Brixujel would have guessed she was 10yrs old if he didn't notice her chest.
"My name is Brixujel the pyromaniac superior, who are you?"
"I'm Brittany; w-why are you in my room?"
"I’m here on an assignment to protect a girl, are you that girl?"
Brittany gasped as she realized Brixujel was talking about her
"You're going to protect me? How are you going to do that, you don't look like you have any weapons..."
Brixujel held out one hand and summoned his 6ft weapon that had a jet black handle and a ruby red blade
"This is my weapon and it’s what i will use for my mission to protect you if needed"
Brittany stared in awe at the scythe, to her weapons like this only appeared in fantasies and TV shows while to Brixujel it was as common as a cell phone.

"So Brittany is it, explain to me your situation so i may further understand my mission"
Brittany sat down on her bed and folded her legs
"Well a guy i dated a guy online named Steven and recently he told me he was going to come to my house and try to kill me"
Brixujel took in this first part
"Does he have any proof he knows where to find you"
Brittany nodded her head quickly
"Ya, he told me my address to prove he wasn't kidding"
Brixujel could see that this really scared the young girl as she was shaking a little
"Hmm well don't worry my mission is to protect you and that’s what i will do"
The serious tone in Brixujel's voice gave Brittany some confidence as she looked in his fire red eyes
"Thank you..."
Said Brittany as she give Brixujel a light hug, to which he responded by patting her on the head.

"Now first I’m going to need to know what this guy looks like"
Brittany went to her laptop and pulled up his social-media profile picture, Brixujel decided to add a little humor to her situation to try and take her mind off of Steven and pretended to almost puke which got Brittany laughing
"Gosh that guy is ugly"
Said Brixujel as Brittany kept laughing
"I know right, i don't know how i fell in love with him"
"Heh alright I’m going to go outside to get a view of what kind of traps I’m going to need"
Brixujel lightly jumped off the ground and landed inside a portal that opened under him then closed just as he disappeared inside. The portal took Brixujel 200 meters in the air above Brittany's house and he memorized the layout of her home and the things around it before opening another portal that dropped him back into Brittany's room. Brixujel landed gracefully without any effort as Brittany jumped back from him suddenly reappearing and shaking the ground under them.
"Ok i got a clear view of the area of your home so I’m going to go get some the stuff i need to make the traps “said Brixujel
"Is there any way i can help set up the traps?" Said Brittany with a little hope in her young brown eyes
Brixujel chewed on the thought for a little bit thinking of what she could help with and finally thought of something
"Alright i know how you can help, follow me" said Brixujel
Brixujel made a fist which ignited then aimed it at a wall which shot out fire and then opened a portal to the divine castle. Brittany looked at the portal with pure curiosity as Brixujel took her by the hand and lead her through the portal. Brittany closed her eyes as they walked through and felt the heat around them. What she thought would burn her didn't and only kept them warm.

"You can open your eyes now" said Brixujel
Brittany slowly opened her eyes as they were now in one of the lobbies in the castle. The lobby they was on was up on one of the top floor with a clear view of the land below
"Woooooah, the place is sooo beautiful..." Said Brittany
"Yeah it is, but remember we are here for traps to protect you" said Brixujel with a serious tone
Brittany turned around and smiled
"Sorry, i almost forgot i got lost in the beautiful view"
Brixujel smiled then signaled Brittany to follow him as they passed by the other members some with other members and others with people in the same situation as Brittany and Brixujel while other were running to parts of the castle that Brittany didn’t know about yet. Brixujel brought her to a room and when the lights turned on she was able to see all the weapons pad traps and other hi-tech gear that was stored inside of the room
“Hay Nixap, you here?” called out Brixujel as a small ring of fire started to burn in front of them. Fire shot up into the air from inside the ring until a teenager that stood at 5’7 appeared he had red glowing tattoos under his eyes and a vertical streak of red hair that was a part of his long spiked jet black hair.
“What’s up superior?” Said the young man known as Nixap
"I’m going to need some traps for my current mission; it involves protecting the surrounding area of the recipient"
Nixap tapped his chin for a little before walking over to one of the walls and pressed a button that revealed a container that rises from the ground. Nixap pulled a few cubes out of the container then went to another until he came back holding different sized and colored cubes and handed them to Brixujel and Brittany.
"These should be helpful in your mission superior" said Nixap as he started walking away
"Thank you Nizap!"Called out Brittany.

Nixap turned back to correct the younger teen but he saw the cute smile on her face then walked into a wall which had a button on it that opened a container, the container slammed Nixap in the face sending him across the room and landing at the base of the wall.
"NIXZAP, oh my gosh, is he going to be ok?" Said Brittany as she looked up at Brixujel with pure concern in her eyes.
"Uhh, don't worry he will be fine. To be honest, he has taken hits that make this seem like throwing a pebble." Said Brixujel as Brittany looked at Nixap who was now just getting up.
"Ok..." Said Brittany with concern as they walked through a portal Brixujel opened. Back at Brittany's house, they started setting up the traps to protect Brittany.
"So Brittany, did the guy give any more details to what he would do like any kind of action or how he was going to get here?" Said Brixujel as Brittany gave it some thought
"He did say he would freeze my heart like i did to him but i didn't give that much thought at all “said Brittany
Brixujel's eyes widened as he heard the word "freeze"
"Brittany i think this guy might have said freeze for a reason, i won't say what i think he might do now but make sure to lock your door and windows tonight"

Once they finished the traps the sun started setting and the two had bonded a little as well. Brixujel tested the trap by tossing a rock near a trap. The trap stopped the rock in midair from the ground then was shocked with more than 1000 volts of electricity before shattering into millions of small pebbles.
"Woah!" Said Brittany as she around for what remained of the rock.
After britany went inside Brixujel stayed outside during the night to make sure the guy wouldn't get in while they was asleep, he has been out for a solid 5 hours when suddenly Brixujel spotted something towards flying towards him. Brixujel jumped to his feet and held his palms outwards and form a shield out of fire which melted the frozen projectile.

The pyromaniac superior summoned his weapon as a tall man with tan skin and sandy hair walked out from behind a house with what looked like ice covering his arms.
"Are you Steven?" called out Brixujel
the man responded back with "So what if I am punk?"
Brixujel's eyes started to glow a little because the comment had annoyed him a little
"I know you’re after Brittany, Steven. its better you leave now, before i have to force you to leave!" Called out Brixujel as he pointed his scythe at the guy.
"You have no right to give me orders, but if you insist I’ll just freeze you along with her!"
Steven charged at Brixujel with his fists full of ice as Brixujel swiftly dodged them and side stepped out of the way. Brixujel hopped up above one of Steven’s attacks as he tried to dragon sweep Brixujel from under his feet. Brixujel balanced on his scythe before coming down planning to slam Steven on his head with the heel of his boot. Steven blocked it by making an X with his arms and grabbed Brixujel by the leg.
"uh-oh!" said Brixujel as he was swung around a bit before being thrown into one of the nearby houses making a dent. Brixujel quickly got up as he was able to dodge the next punch which nearly came a second later as brixujel dodge rolled out of the way with his scythe still in his hands he saw that the missed punch that caused ice to form around where it had hit. Steven held a fist out at Brixujel as sharp ice-shards were shot at Brixujel like bullets from a gun from his ice covered fists. Brixujel swung his scythe around to break melt or dodge any of the oncoming projectiles.
Brixujel did a backflip onto one of the roofs of the houses then teleported away right as Steven jumped up to attack him.
"Where are you little punk!?" Called out Steven "i thought you was going to protect little Brittany!" Said Steven as he angrily looked around for the pyromaniac superior which was out of sight.
Suddenly Brixujel came out of an unseen hiding spot and kicked him off the roof with a hot boot cloaked in fire. "Ahhhh" cried out Steven as he landed in the dirt and quickly recovered from Brixujel's sneak attack. Brixujel jumped down from the roof flying towards Steven with his scythe cocked back and ready to swing.
Steven dodged the attack then punched Brixujel in his side as he was flying. Brixujel felt the sudden cold in his side as he rolled on the ground and held his side where there was a large patch of ice that was slowly melting as his scythe dematerialized. Brixujel had to stay on one knee while trying to ignore the pain which was pretty hard to do at this point.

While Brixujel was worried about his current disability he lost sight of Steven. "shoot! where did you go!" growled Brixujel as he scanned the area. Brixujel teleported to the roof of a house to try and get a bird's eye view of the area. while Brixujel was scanning the land, Steven managed to get in his blind spot. "shit, how did brittany even manage to get a body guard." whispered Steven to himself as he took one last look to see if he saw Brixujel anywhere near by. He then ran to brittany's window and slowly opened it, being careful not to wake her. Just as he had it fully open, a fireball nailed him right in the nose like a baseball. the force of the hit knocked him a good distance as the Pyrokinetic jumped out of the window then swiftly shut the window with his free hand while his other still held onto his frozen hip.

Steven took a few steps back as he jumped in the air and did a front flip, he held his foot out that was now covered with a thick coating of ice as Brixujel summoned his scythe above him which was spinning in the air above him cloaked in fire to use as a shield.
Steven made contact with the burning weapon as he used his energy to try and push down on Brixujel. To Steven’s demise, Brixujel was charging up a blue and white firebomb to blast him with which was also melting the ice that Brixujel had on his hip from the hit. Brixujel finished charging the firebomb and pushed Steven off sending him high up into the air. Steven dived back down with his hand stretched to Brixujel as he planted his feet then threw the firebomb at Steven and hit him in his face. Steven screamed bloody murder as the ice in  and on his body melted.
He dropped onto the roof of someone's house as Brixujel tosses a little spark at him that opened a portal under him sent him back home. The sun started to rise as Brixujel teleported into Brittany's room which woke her up.
"Hey Brittany, Steven is gone “said Brixujel as Brittany wiped the sand out of her adorable brown eyes
"What do you mean by gone, you didn't kill him did you?" Said Brittany as she looked a bit concerned
"Don't worry he isn't dead i knocked him out and scared him away so he will never come back again" said Brixujel with a smile
Brittany jumped from under her sheets and hugged Brixujel surprisingly tight
"Thank you thank you thank you sooo much Brixujel!"
Brixujel patted Brittany's head
"You’re welcome Brittany; now that my mission is complete i will get paid then will leave"
Said Brixujel as Brittany looked at him confused
"How do you get paid?"
Brixujel smiled and said "I’ll show ya, first give me something you don't need or would want me to keep"
Brittany looked around before picking up a pair of old dice and handing them to Brixujel; he closed his eyes and made the dice glow before something floated out of the cubes. In Brixujel's hand the glowing orbs turned into eight gold coins then gave the dice back to Brittany who was staring at them in awe. Brixujel then gave one to Brittany who smiled and hugged him again.
"Wait; if you need to get paid can't you do that as many times as you want?"
Said Brittany as Brixujel shook his head
"I can't do that; i can only do that once i complete a mission or an assignment. That would be nice if we could do that" said Brixujel as he opened a portal back to the devine castle and was about to step through when Brittany grabbed his arm.
"Will i ever see you again Brixujel?" Asked Brittany as Brixujel could see the sadness in her eyes that almost made him want to tear up.
"You will see me again, if you have another assignment for me to do" Brixujel smiled before leaving and walking back through the halls of the castle leaving Brittany with a small smile on her face. Brixujel turned off his tractor and went to the training room where he thought Lebrijux and Alex might be which they were.
They were sparring and Lebrijux noticed his brother watching them, sadly when he turned Alex knocked him to his feet with Meka in the form of a giant club.
"Dang bro didn't think you would get knocked off your feet so easily" said Brixujel as he helped Lebrijux up off the floor.
"There’s a first time for everything brother" said Lebrijux as Alex handed them a health potion so that they would regain the energy they might have lost.
"So are you ready for that 2 on 1 match superior?" Said Alex with a cocky tone in her voice as she downed the potion and gave some to Meka
"Ya, I’m ready!" Said Brixujel as the three of them began their friendly sparring match.
D.E.V.I.N.E. Assassins
<da:thumb id="454900578"><da:thumb id="419772295"><da:thumb id="501369703">  a old story that i did a while back about brixujel, every now and then i loo over the story for any errors and been doing that for a good while. i planned to do a story which each member being the main character for each chapter. not sure if i would post the others and continue
Ribjulex by Brixujel
Out of all four brothers ribjulex is one of the fastest and has as much energy as a child. If it wasn't for the fact that they were brothers i don't ribjulex and xibrujel would get along as they are total opposites. Ribjulex believes a battle should be won by getting it done in the quickest way possible but aside from that, he has a crush on xana which would explain how he managed to calm down
Xibrujel by Brixujel
Heres the next brother out of the four in the group. Xibrujel tends to be more of the silent type, he is known to have a big heart and is well respected among the adults and younger children. He believes the best way to win any battle is to be silent and precise while using the least amount of energy as possible
Rasxeh by Brixujel
One of the characters i don't draw that much but has a very interesting background, instead of having one element to control she has two which is very rare in her her world but still just as rare when the parents have different elements i haven't decided on how powerful she is but she is almost as powerful as lebrijux


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Sup everyone I'm brixujel (not sure what else to say)
I'm a big Kingdom hearts fan and i love making oc's based off any kind of anime or video-game i like. i also really like writing stories and i also like to bring any oc i make to life as if it was a character in a video game i do sometimes take requests but due to past experience i won't always accept it if i feel that it will take too long for me to do same with art-trades
me oh my, me oh my my art has gotten alot better over the years but at the same time im shocked i used to think what i did was good XD thank god no one really shot me down

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