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Be careful of what you wish for: chapter six

Once arena's leg felt better, they headed off again on their journey. As a way of keeping arena from slipping brixujel used some rope to tie around his and arena's torso. It gave him support just incase his arms got tired from carrying her. Back at the castle they pyros was hovering right above it. They hesitated to go in, because they knew that they would be punished for coming back empty handed.

As they slowly flew in arrow and rickoshay bowed on one knee. Talona walked up to molly and said " I'm sorry princess  but the two people you requested for us to eliminate, they over powered us and was stronger than we though" as this was said molly glared at talona with pure anger. Talona flinched at this, as molly rasied her hand to signal they was dismissed. Talona sighed as a great weight was lifted off her shoulders. She walked past her brothers as she flew off, with her brothers not very far behind as well.

Molly thought for a while thinking of what she could do to get rid of brixujel and arena. After what seemed like a hour of thinking,but was really just 15 minutes she got a idea. She called for a group of 5 called the earth movers. By this time arena's leg was starting to feel better, but she could still feel at least some of the pain. Brixujel said to stay off her leg for another hour or more. They had walked at least a mile by now

Brixujel's legs was starting to get tired, but he didn't want to tell arena that because he didn't want arena to feel bad. Arena saw that brixujel was getting tired. Arena then thought of a idea and said "brixujel..." said arena in a childish tone " my legs are starting to fall asleep. Can we rest for a while" " sure lets rest near that hotspring" said brixujel arena looked past brixujel's head and saw a puddle,it was around 15feet wide but only 3ft deep.

Brixujel untied the rope that kept arena from slipping. He set her down gently on the side of a nearby tree incase her leg was still in pain. Brixujel then walked over to the hot-spring and dipped his foot in. A bright light started to shine, blinding arena until it went away. When she was able to see again, in brixujel's place she saw a baby version of brixujel, with all of his clothes baby sized even his duel swords. " awwwww brixujel! Your soo cute" squealed arena as she walked over to pick up and hug the baby brixujel he smiled and said "weeeeee" as he was lifted into the air.

Once arena got that out of her system she said " how did you even become a baby anyway " brixujel looked at arena with a blank look on his face. Arena then said " oh yaa.. Im talking to a baby who can't understand me. We gotta find a way to change you back" arena then got the rope brixujel used to carry her and made a makeshift baby carrier. Arena began to talk out loud as a way to stay calm. " alright what can i use to reverse this." arena looked around and saw a picket sign near the so called hotspring and went over to read it.

On it, it said " Dear ye travelers this spring here is not a hot spring but in fact is a goo that is called babyacid. The only way thy can reverse it is to wait three days or thy must find a rare rose with purple thorns green stem and red petals that glow like fire then ye must get the fluid from inside thy plant and drink it, i bid ye a good day and safe traveling" arena sighed before looking at brixujel who was playing with a nearby fly that was buzzing around and said " looks like saving our siblings is just gonna have to be put on hold" arena started walking around keeping a eye on the flower but as she started to get tired she bumped into a young black women she looked to be about 24 years old.

She had blue eyes long raven hair and looked to be some where around 5'5 " oh my gosh im so sorry ms" said arena while helping her off the ground " its ok,its me that should have been watching where i was going" she looked down at the giggling brixujel with a warm and pretty smile " awwww your little brother is so adorable!" the young women said as she tickled him which made him laugh even more. " little brother?" she looked down at brixujel and said " ohhhhhh hahaha,thats not my little brother he is my friend that got turned into a baby,when what we thought was a hotspring." said arena with a little blush on her face showing the embarrassment she had for mistaking that for a hotspring.

" oh dear im sorry to hear that,also my name is Vallona" said vallona with a graceful bow
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